Conscious Response 

to Overconsumption & Waste

Pearl with a Girl Earring, oil on canvas 

24 x 30

Morway Artist, 2015 

Mr Duck appears boldly, with just a touch of yellow and orange paint.  All these other hues came forth just from one coat of clear varnish.  Below shows Mr. Duck in his natural element before the curious rude human pulled him out of hiding.

Artist of the Month 

Mr. Rumpel Stiltskin 

Due to a tragic spinning wheel accident that occurred in childhood and left young Stiltskin permanently disfigured, the artist has chosen to portray himself in the more agreeable guises of his models.  Stiltskin dabbled in art as a youth but followed a more conventional path to appease the old world tyrannical establishment.  Stiltskin never married, perhaps due to reclusive tendencies many have attributed to his unfortunate disfigurement.  Settling into beautiful Santa Cruz County in 2017 inspired a new foray into fine art and into the wonders of repurposed materials art which has become his latest passion.  Elements from nature and sometimes from trash are combined in simple, sometimes eccentric designs.  Many works feature the "barzle"  which came about from a love of hiking in Henry Cowell Park with his beloved canine, Pearl.  The enchanting Pearl has been memorialized a la Vermeer, (bottom left).

What is a barzle? 

Barzle is a neologism, a made-up word.  It's the combination of Bark from the Puzzle Tree.  Bark + Puzzle = Barzle 

The Puzzle Tree is a Jeffrey Pine, close relative to the Ponderosa Pine.

Barzles have naturally gorgeous shape and texture, ideal for display in suspension to see and feel their totality,  but when Barzles are painted...all sorts of creatures start to emerge!  

Can you see a deer's head? 

See the dog and the big nose something below him?Mr Duck has been painted to make him appear boldly, but this guy was hidden in here all along.  Look below and left to see the evolution of  cute Mr. Duck.

Jeffrey Pine at Henry Cowell State Park

     Some Puzzle Trees are in no shape to offer barzles... their bark layers are thin,  weak, ravaged by moss and fungi.