Conscious Response 

to Overconsumption & Waste

Reducing Waste​

 Changing Attitudes            Sharing Strategies   

​Supporting EARTH on Mult​iple Fronts

Life is Short and Precious a​nd Ours...for a time.

Let's not waste it.

Changing Attitudes. Reducing Waste.

The CROW Mission

 Creating New Habits.  Supporting Sustainability.

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Jo​in the CROW mission

Do we really need to throw everything in the trash just to tidy up our little worlds?  Can we give it to someone in need?   Donate to a thrift store?   Or maybe even start repurposing some things?  Let use our imaginations.   Browse Innovation Station for more ideas

CROW Creations

Smiling Rack Man

Hang up your keys or your jewelry on me!


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I'm very proud to be made of 98% repurposed materials.  Are you?  ;-)

Welcome Sign 

for Cave Dwellers

Too Coo​l

Whether your cave features the dark and dangerous or merely the gleefully private, here's a cool sign to forewarn others of where they tread! Bottlecaps, screws, twist ties, door knobs, phone cable, and washers are among the items affixed to this once dresser drawer side. 

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In modern parlance this is called UPcycling or sustainable sculpture.  

CROW asks, What Will You Restore Today?

One of a Kind 

Toilet Seat Mirror

Pleated silk dress, ceramic drawer pulls, toilet seat, nail polish and small mirror and VIOLA! Nobody will be able to miss this gem no matter where you decide to hang it!


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Weaving "trash" with Nature = 

Win-Win for Everyone

Twisted and painted rags, painted center cone, recycled basket rewdood cones, eucalyptus "button"

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Are you a drone?

Well, if you drop stuff in to the trash every day without thinking AT ALL, then sorry, you might be a drone.  IT's not fatal.  Stick around, there's hope for you with CROW!


Centers of

Santa Cruz 

PLEASE  THINK  tw​ice before ​you drop it in here​!

Did you know...you can recycle:  used electronics, kitchenware, medical equipment, almost everything!!   

Check out Grey Bears

D​​rop it off!  It's almost as easy as tossing in the trash --but SO much better for everyone. 

Where can I take it?

Let us each respond consciously and creatively to the trash we create, the trash we walk around or drive by in our daily lives. Together, let's do more to create less waste!  

Rewood-Sequoia Cone Wreath

Sturdy leather steering wheel supports these gorgeous Sequoia and Coast Redwood cones with natural twine and spare ribbon.  


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Mega Barzle 

High quality bug sticks --select choice engravers!! Squirrel chewed cone knob, giant barzle with subtle painted highlights suspended so both sides can be touched and admired.  Repurposed place mat and picture frame.  


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Fun & Practical 

And No Longer TRASH!!

12" x 16" Repurposed Materials Key or Jewelry Rack features forks, spoons, bottle opener, measuring spoon, door knob, used fabrics, restored frame.​


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